Experience Sonic Tizip

Experience Sonic Tizip

Regular price $599.99

Experience TIZIP is now updated to take advantage of “no stitch” Ultra Sonic Welding technology. It has also been equipped with a double belt loop at the back to better fit the height you want.

The colour us also updated to a darker Graphite. If you would like a lighter wader made of highest quality fabric and front zip opening, the Experience ZipWader will be your choice. These waders are made with one large outside pocket and one internal pocket. Both equipped with water resistant zippers to make them as waterproof as possible. All around the upper it is a hole webbing where you can attach whatever you like to, anywhere. At the front you have a movable and removable retractor. This wader is perfect if you are walking a lot during your fishing or on the way to and from your trip since it is light, clean and packable. Compared to the Alta Wader it’s 240 gr lighter. It has become our favourite for fishing in the mountains.

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