Line Guideline Camo Pro Slow Int.

Line Guideline Camo Pro Slow Int.

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A line for the lake or coast alike, Camo Pro offers the angler a balanced, long head, which produces distant casts with ease. The Camo Grey head has a subtle colour that blends in well with the water and surroundings. It has a Slow Intermediate sink rate which sinks at a speed of 40 seconds/meter. This makes this an effective tool for "Anti-Wake" sub surface fishing.
A floating running line makes line control easy. A hot blue colour is highly visible and makes it easy to determine where the head transfers to the back of the line. A superb line, especially for the more experienced casters and anglers that fish more from boat decks, cliffs or the shore and have room to stretch out tight back casts and fire long casts and fire long casts with good accuracy. Looped front.

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