Pseudo Monkey
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Pseudo Monkey

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Pseudo Money XL is our answer for a material substitute for Colobus Monkey which is CITES registered (illegal in Europe) and, even if you can source it, then it is very expensive.

It has taken us a while to source a substitute material which has exactly the same properties and feel to Colobus Monkey, but we are now pleased to say we have found it. Our Pseudo Monkey XL is entirely legal and of outstanding quality. It has a beautiful 'softness' that cannot be matched by using goat hair.

It is perfect for any long wing fly pattern requiring a material with lots of mobility (even in nearly zero current or water flow). What seperates our Pseudo Monkey from goat hair is the length - this material reaches out to 180mm plus in length (just like Colobus Monkey)

Medium Pack: 32 sq/cm with hair 180mm-190mm

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