Tanuki Finn Racoon Pelt
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Tanuki Finn Racoon Pelt

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Tanuki Finn Raccoon has been the 'Scandinavian Secret' for many years and is one of the best materials for tube and hook based flies that a fly tyer can own. It is incredibly versatile and now used extensively to tie Salmon, Sea Trout, Steelhead, Bass, Rainbow Trout and Pike flies.

When both the guard hairs and under fur are tied in together it makes one of the best fly tying materials available today. The hair ties in with minimal bulk, is highly mobile and has an undulating action in the water. The guard hairs average 50-100mm in length and are straighter and less flexible than than the underfur.

The underfur on its own is very soft and fluffy and moves like marabou in the water. Averaging 25-75mm in length it is excellent as a tailing material on streamers and trout lures or as dubbing on flies. Being highly absorbent it helps your fly sink quickly.

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